FAQ Donostia Sailing

No experience in any sea conditions is needed to jump on board.

Our specialist staff will take care of every person aboard and adapt the course and navigation plan to the aims of our passengers.

We can offer sailing lessons for the curious, as we can just host passengers and give them the best confort for an amazing sailing trip.

Our vessel can hold from 2-10 people (crew and captain not included).

We can adapt our service to either big or small groups.

Our company has also other vessels subject to join the adventure and race themselves, or just hold more people.

Any needs for a big team? Let us Know, we’ll find the best formula to hold everybody on board.

Our purpose is a basic daytrip pack, including sunglasses, sunscreen, sweat or light jacket, any comfortable clothing and sport shoes (White soles prefered but no stress... ) is everything you need to feel great.

For those who dare to swim or navigate into high seas, we reccomend to add up extra ítems like a towel for summer baths, and after navigation dried clothing for open sea Speedy-sail navigation.

Our boat is fullly equiped including wáter-resistant raincoats, full jackets, pants for every persons on board. We also provide life jackets for adults and kids.

Any sport shoes , (White sole prefered) are ok for an small journey/day plan. Just if customers want a rough oceanic experience we reccomend them to bring their own rain boots/neoprene shoes.

Yes kids and families are mostly welcomed in our boat. We will look after every of your needs, creating a relaxing and healthy atmosphere and more fun for the kids.

There’s no age limits for the people coming in and passengers have unlimited Access to every rooms and boat facilities including kitchen, living room, wc, cabins…

A remarkable detail is our vaste experience dealing with kids groups since we also develope educational projects such as KANTAURI PROJECT, which is developed in colaboration with the local authorities.

Of course , our passengers have unlimited access to every , cabins , kitchen, wc, livingroom, at anytime during their stay on board.

Comfortable as a real home, our boat has beds for 8 people and offers every kind of home services. We highly reccomend week navigation plans and several days coast routes. Cause that’s the most special way to Discover the beauty of our land and ocean.

The warf-meeting point is very easy to find. Right in the old port of our loven San Sebastian. Very Rigt/East side of “la concha bay”.

We receive our passengers at the EKP building right on the Entry to the port. (see attached googlemap) Just enjoy a Little promenade alongside the beach and you’ll find our meeting point right after the building nautic club, our meeting point is next to the wooden platform and stairs,EKP building.

You can book your dates and plan by just sending us an email with explicit indications as follows:

  • Desired date. (if several days,we need accurate hour/date coordenades for both arrival and departure)
  • Expected number of persons on board
  • Profiles (kids, adults, ages, disabled...)
  • Expected day plan description: sightseeing journey, romantic dinner, day or half day navigation, 3-4-7 days route along the coast, rough ocean sailing-fight., Relaxing sunbath, fishing day nearby the coast,……Any other ideas? Let us Know we are experts to build your own dream-day.

Our profesional crew will fulfill every of your expectatives adapting the course and navigation style to any of these profiles and different scenarios .

MUST REMEMBER: Due the peaking demand during the season will require an advanced payment to confirm the dates and service.

We are a customer oriented company, totally focused in creating the best atmospheres and dream-day plans. Absolutely focused with passion to make real any of your ideas.

Ask for our added up services like GOURMET CATERING, WINE TASTING HOURS, after navigation meal with RESTAURANT RESERVATIONS at the best places in town, hotel pick up services , basque cuisine cooking lessons , day capture dish,…..middle bay private-romantic dinner and many more!!

Our colaborators like IGELDO-MARIÑELA restaurant , will also top your dream-day with fantastic dishes and a privileged location right in front of the deperture warf (just 40mts away).

We have several payment forms, but credit cards , bank transferences (payment proof must forwarded to acknowlege accounts), are the most common payment forms.

Anyway we do first reccomend contacting our staff at info@dsssailing.com

Thank you very much for taking our service!!

Enjoy your navigation day.