Our Boat

Our boat is a 40feet vessel which will fulfil any comfort expectation you might have.

Equipped with every safety systems and professional sailing gear we can either face a wild open sea or just enjoy the calms of the bay for a romantic dinner at any privileged spot within the epic bay of San Sebastian or other alternative ports along the Basque coastline.

Technical characteristics

Download here the technical characteristics of the boat!

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A 35 square metre deck makes the top of our boat a great place where to breath and enjoy incredible views and nature in our coast.

The cabin dimensions are perfect for crews of 6-8 people; you will adore the experience of staying on board for a few days.

If requested previously we also offer extra services like waiter, chef, or any demand on customers request.

Walls inside are lined with Wood and comfortable seats where you will feel living a great navigation experience and unforgettable moments.

Passengers have unlimited access and can use every room, (with an ideal capacity for 6-8 guests) and other facilities like generous fully equipped kitchen, a WC including shower, and the classic living room, at any time.

We also provide water-resistant sailing equipment and lifesaving jackets for every passenger during your stay.


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