Do passengers need any previous sailing experience?

No experience in any sea condition is required to sail with us.

How many people can be on board?

The maximum passenger capacity of our boat is 10 people (crew and captain not included). Recommended for 6-8 people.

We can adapt our service to either big or small groups.

Our company also has other vessels subject to join in the adventure and race themselves, or just hold more people.

Any need for a big team? Let us Know, we’ll find the best formula to hold everybody on board.

What should I wear and bring?

A basic day trip includes sunglasses and sunscreen; a sweater or light jacket; comfortable clothing and sports shoes (white soles preferred, but no stress.)

Additionally, bring your swimwear and a towel.

Do we need any extra clothing in case of bad weather?

No, you don’t. Our boat is fully equipped with water-resistant raincoats, full jackets and pants for every passenger on board. We also provide life jackets for adults and kids.

Can we sail with kids as a family plan?

Yes, kids and families are mostly welcomed in our boat. IS THERE AN AGE RESTRICTION? FOR EX. NOT SUITABLE FOR BABIES AND YOUNG CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF… We will look after any of their needs, creating a relaxing and fun atmosphere for them.

We have vast experience in dealing with kids groups. We develop educational projects such as the KANTAURI PROJECT in collaboration with the local authorities.

Can we use the cabins for passenger needs?

Of course. Our passengers have unlimited access to every cabin as well as to the kitchen, bathroom and living room, at any time during their stay on board.

What is the boat’s location?

Our ship is in the harbour of San Sebastian. However, if you would like us to pick you up in another port, this option is also available. With the reservation confirmation we will send you a link with the meeting point.

How can we book this service?

By sending us an email with the following information:

  • Desired date: (If several days, we would need accurate hour and date information for both arrival and departure)
  • Expected number of people on board.
  • Profiles (families, friends, kids, companies )
  • Expected plan description: sightseeing trip; romantic dinner; full-day or half-day navigation; 3-4-7 day route along the coast; just swimming and sunbathing; fishing day near the coast. Any other ideas? Let us know and we will help you.
How can we pay for this service?

We have several payment forms, but credit card and bank transfer are the most common. Payment receipt must be forwarded to acknowledge accounts.

A reservation contract will be sent to you after you decide the type of trip you want to make. Here you will find all the information to make the payment and confirm your reservation, as well as the conditions for cancellation. Our bank will send you the payment form you will need to make.


Donostia San Sebastian Sailing wants to share with you our passion for the sea , nature and sail navigation. Enjoy one of the most beautiful coastline and cities in the world from an exclusive point of view, put yourself into local experts hands, relax and live the most fantastic experience of your holidays.

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