Sail to pasajes san juan from san sebastián

Spectacular sailing trip from the Port of San Sebastian to the Port of Pasajes San Juan. Enjoy the quietness of the sea, the outstanding beauty of the coast and the wild and natural tiny entrance to the port of Pasajes San Juan. The village itself is well worth visiting and is a great gastronomic destination.

Spend half a day on board and discover the small picturesque fishing village of Pasajes. Alternatively, join us for a full-day sailing. If you want to enjoy this option, we could make a reservation in one of the most famous restaurants in Pasajes such as Casa Cámara or Ziaboga.

Pasajes San Juan, with its narrow cobbled streets and colourful fishermen houses, is the so-called “little shining Eden” that French writer Victor Hugo fell in love with.


Estimated sailing time: 4 hours

Route: San Sebastián – Pasajes San Juan – San Sebastián

Tour duration: min. 3h max. 8h 

Highlights: La Concha Bay / Mount Ulia’s cliffs / Pasajes estuary 

We will start our sailing experience in the port of San Sebastian. Although small, this was a fishing port not many years ago. Today there are hardly any traces of that activity, but the port hasn’t lost its charm.

We will leave the port behind by entering the bay on our way offshore, leaving the Aquarium of Donostia aside. The aquarium is the oceanographic museum of the city. With more than a hundred years of history, it is one of the first oceanographic museums in Europe.

Once we pass the aquarium we will head east along the Paseo Nuevo. We will then arrive at the mouth of the Urumea river and from there we will admire Zurriola bridge and next to it the Kursaal Conference Center. We will sail along one of the three beaches of the city, Zurriola beach, leaving the city behind to continue our way alongside monte Ulia.

Ulia mountain is the natural environment that separates San Sebastian from Pasajes San Juan. It is a wonderful place where you can find several paths to hike and enjoy the coastline. In our case from the sea, we can admire the impressive cliffs of Ulia, Ilurgita and Mendiola coves, and the lighthouse Faro de la Plata.

Fun fact: the lighthouse takes its name from the silver-like colour of the sandstones where it sits. It seems that they become silver when moistened by the waves. It is for this reason that sailors baptized the place as Punta de la Plata and the lighthouse as Faro de la Plata. Without doubt, one of the most beautiful lighthouses within the Basque coast.

Before we finish our sailing trip, we will enter the mouth of the Bay of Pasajes, a narrow estuary that gives access to the town’s port. On our way to the port, we can see Albaola Factory, a living museum where you can participate in a wide range of activities related to the Basque Maritime Heritage. They are currently constructing a replica of the 16th century whaling ship Nao San Juan using the construction techniques of that time. The San Juan was one of the first transoceanic cargo ships sailing from the Basque Country to Terranova. The museum is well worth a visit.

We will disembark at the beautiful town of Pasajes San Juan. There is so much you can do once there! Go for a stroll along the picturesque narrow streets, sit in the sun at the town’s square looking at the sea, or try delicious seasonal local products at one of the most famous restaurants in Pasajes.

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